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Family Session

Prepare your home or select the venue

Pick the spots with the best natural light. Choose 3 areas. Clear them from all the items you might not want to have on the picture. I recommend to use a white or light color blanket/Duvet on your bed. If you prefer an outdoor venue, take in mind to dress up for the weather. For pregnant couples I recommend: Tivoli (I offer one free ticket)

Frederiskberg Garden


Kings Garden/Rosenborg Castle

Botanical Gardens

Belleveu Beach

Klanpemborg Forest

Frederiskberg Castle Gardens (Extra transport fee required)

Around the city (Copenhagen Center)

or your favorite Neighborhood. In door public venues (Gallery/Museums) need to be checked if there are fees and special permits required. The ticket is not included.

How to dress?

As my photo style is very relaxed, I strongly recommend you to use light colors and match them as a couple. But If there is a color you absolutely love, use it!. One color clothes are so much better and timeless. Jeans, dresses, light color shirts and blouses are more than welcome. If you prefer it, you can have patterns on your clothes, but remember stripes normally make your body shape look different, so please avoid them. Flowers, small designs, small dots are great options. Keep hair and makeup as natural as posible, this does not mean you should not wear any, but keep it simple just as if you go out with some friends for coffee. Soft tones on eyes and lips, a nice relaxed hair-do, and a basic manicure and pedicure (for at home sessions or at the beach) will look fantastic!

How to dress?

Please have on hand some special items: Favorite toys, gifts, blankets. Please note if there are tags, wrinkles or stains on them , so you can make them look perfect in advance

Please avoid

T-shirts with big logos

Strong colors on your makeup: Magenta and Orange mainly as they will affect your skin tone on the photo.

Strong colors on your nail polish

Baseball caps

Sandals (unless it is a session at the beach)

Shorts (unless it is a session at the beach)

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