I am Lili Boesen, your photographer

Here are some facts and funny things about me for you to get to know me

I am Mexican and have been living in Copenhagen for the last 4 years. I am still trying to bike decently, I still look like a mess when I arrived anywhere in this awful weather and I still can't pronounce the word "Brød" correctly, even when I have approved my Danish exams.


I am also a Postpartum Doula and offer classes for new parents, I went to school for it! and I really like to do it. So if you are reading this and want to know more you can visit my Doula Page, or just visit to learn what a Doula is.


My favorite sorbet is Lime, I technically add Lime to everything I can.


I am intolerant to caffeine - so just herbal teas for me. I have a huge collection and my husband is really annoyed by it


I love dancing, I was a dancing teacher when I was in college. 


Before becoming a photographer I studied Natural Sciences and I was also a Strawberry Farmer for some years!


. I am a fan of Quantum Mechanics, Microbiology, World history, Web development, nerd and geekI am extremely Start Wars, Start Trek, Dr. Who, Harry Potter and Lego... just to mention some


Netflix is love


Chocolate cake is the only option when it comes to dessert


I met my husband on a "blind date" at a party in Mexico. I almost didn't go because there was a football game I wanted to watch. Lucky me it was raining and the light went off... so I had to go to the party. When I arrived, there was an empty space next to him and my good friend shouting "where have you been! he is waiting for you!". Embarrassing

(Oh! and the "Where is Denmark? Question... Plop)


I have a big Mexican family I missed every day. And when I say big, is HUGE.  A simple Sunday brunch included minimum 30 people. I have been at parties of 500 people somehow related to me!

Contact Me

Lili Boesen Doula & Photographer

CVR 38821938


Located in Valby, Copenhagen.

Services can be also provided outside Copenhagen with extra transport fees

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