Frequent Asked Questions

What kind of photographer are you?


My goal as a photographer is to reflect my clients as they are. I offer an artistic expression of their everyday lives.

I don’t use props, clothes from a catalog or any extra decoration. I work with what families have in their homes or what they pick along if we make an outdoor session. After all, they are their memories, not mine.

I want you to be able to see your pictures in some years with nostalgia. Recollecting memories of the lovely blanket your mom knitted for your baby, or all those nights you saw your baby hugging the little bunny you bought before he was born.


Where will my session be held?


For outdoor sessions, you decide the venue! It is possible you love the park around the corner of your house or the place where you got engaged. If you are new to the city, of course, I can give you some ideas. We have a variety of places you can pick from, to suit your family’s personality as Copenhagen is filled with beautiful parks, streets, beaches, lakes, and forests.

When the session is at your home, it is generally because of the weather or considerations about your baby. But we will still make it work, through placement of your things to project the true you.


How long will my session be?


Depending on the type of session.

For Pregnancy, it’s about 60 min, including waiting time for the expectant mom to relax or for quick stops to the toilet. For Newborns, 2-3 hours is usually catered to allow the baby to sleep, diaper changes, feeding, etc.

With older kids, I usually take 1.5 hr maximum because I spend some time playing around with them, so they feel comfortable near the camera. And of course, because kids’ attention span is very short! Therefore, we have to be as quick as possible.

For visits at the hospital after birth, I am in an out as fast as possible! You just had a baby, I understand these moments, and I will try to be as fast and less disruptive as possible.


Where will my newborn session be held?


I only photograph Newborns at their home or the hospital.


What should I wear?


I always encourage my clients to look like themselves, not too relaxed but not too fancy. I share my “What to wear” guides and help them decide if asked to.


When can I book a photo shoot with you?


I take photo sessions all week, preferably in the morning before noon, because that’s when you have the best lighting for photos. You can book me on Saturday mornings as well.

I usually recommend weekdays for Newborns, if the Dad is not working. So, it gives space for families with older kids to be booked on Saturdays.

Will I get the digital photos of my session?


Yes, you get High-Resolution photos in color and black & white. You will also be able to download a “Social Media Ready” version.


Can I get all the photos of the session?


The session fee includes only a certain number of photos. If you want to purchase extra photos, I can make a budget for you depending on the amount.


I only deliver edited photos, no RAW files.


How can I order prints and products from you?

You are welcome to print your photos wherever you feel comfortable.

However, if you want me to do it for you, printings and albums are sold separately. The fee includes the design and a guarantee that they will look perfect and in the highest-quality materials.




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